Frequently Asked Questions

Who can borrow films from the POV library?

Our films are available to educators, community-based organizations, NGOs, nonprofits, librarians, and PBS station employees. Our Youth Views library is available for young people and organizations that primarily serve youth. If you're not sure if you can borrow a film, just send us an e-mail: events(at)

I homeschool my children and would like a copy of a film to show for educational purposes. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, we do not have home video licensing rights even if you are showing the film for educational purposes. We encourage you to come together with others in your community to organize a screening.

I don't see the film that I want to borrow in your library. What does that mean?

If the film isn't listed in our library, then we can no longer lend out that film. Sorry! If you are interested in purchasing the film, you can check out our film archive or e-mail us at events(at) for distribution information.

What if I want to borrow more than one film at a time?

You are more than welcome to borrow more than one film at a time. First you must "create a series" and name it. Then you can add events to that series.

What is a series?

A series is a group of screenings. This is usually for people who want to show multiple films by theme or over a specific period of time — i.e. a film festival. If you are interested in films that address specific topics, please see our Film Library.

I keep getting error messages when I try to submit my online application. Can you help me?

In order to successfully complete the online application, "cookies" must be enabled on your computer.

What are cookies?

Cookies tell our system who you are. If your browser does not accept cookies, you will not be able to complete your registration or submit applications. To make sure your browser accepts cookies, follow the instructions below.

Internet Explorer Users

-Open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools" on the top bar
-Click on "Internet Options"
-On the box that opens up, click the "Privacy" tab
-On this screen click the "Sites" button
-Now enter "" in the space marked "Address of Web Site" and click "Allow"
-Click "OK" and close your browser. Restart and try to log in again.

Firefox users

-Open Firefox and click on "Tools" on the top bar
-Click on "Options" in the pull-down menu
-Click on "Privacy" on the top of the box that opens
-Click the button marked "Exceptions"
-Now enter "" in the "Address of Web site" space and click "Allow"
-Click "Close" and close your browser. Restart and try to log in again.

Macintosh users

This site is not compatible with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0. We suggest you upgrade your browser to either Firefox or Safari.

If all else fails, please e-mail us: events(at)

My film won't play. What do I do?

We recommend that you pre-screen your film when it arrives so that if there are any problems with the physical tape or DVD, we have enough time to mail you a new one. If you have A/V trouble, please contact the technical support at the facility where your screening is being held.

Help! I haven't received my film and I really need it.

Did you make your request at least one month in advance of your scheduled screening? If so, we do keep shipping records, so you can e-mail us to inquire about the delivery status of the film. Oftentimes our packages get signed for at the front desk but aren't delivered to you. Please check with your building before contacting us.

Am I responsible for the cost of shipping the film back to POV?

Yes. To be more cost effective, you can use media mail if you like, as long as we get the film and audience evaluations back eventually! Unfortunately, if you do not return the film to us within a reasonable period of time, we will be unable to partner with you in the future.



Left: WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN? by Christine Choy and Renee Tajima (POV 1989)