Discusson Guide

Bisbee '17: Discussion Guide

Taking Action

If the group is having trouble generating their own ideas, these suggestions can help get things started:

Host a teach-in about the large employers where you live. Invite scholars and others who witnessed or participated in significant events to examine how the companies treat(ed) their workers, how they influence(d) the development of the town or region, and how their legacy shapes local life today.

Artist Laurie McKenna creates an art exhibit to honor the deportees and to educate others about who they were. Create a public art piece that honors and/or tells the story of an important historical event in your community.

Create and share a video or blog, or write a letter to the editor and/or elected officials describing lessons from the film that provide helpful insights for current debates over immigration or labor policies.

Form a study circle to look at the impact of the U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848) on Mexican residents of territory annexed by the U.S. or to examine the history of U.S. mining companies and labor unions.

Research the use of immigrant labor in your community, with attention to what safeguards exist to protect workers from exploitation based on race, gender, language ability or citizenship status. Write a letter to a local publication expressing your views about how city, county or state policies can mediate the relationship between employers and immigrant workers.