Discusson Guide

The Gospel of Eureka: Discussion Guide

Discussion Prompts: Storytelling

The film opens with a reference to the importance of stories, noting that a story of healing water first brought folks to Eureka Springs: “Soon enough, Eureka discovered that stories themselves were a natural resource.” Who tells the stories in your community? What stories do they tell? How have those stories shaped the community and the lives of the people who live there? How do stories serve as a “natural resource”?

What types of storytelling did you see in the film? In terms of effect on the audience, what’s the difference between reading a story and seeing it acted out?

The film’s narrator says, “The Bible isn't the only holy book. A photo album also holds guidance in the past and visions of things to come. Like a passage of scripture, a photograph can be both a memorial and a prophecy.” What sources of stories do you view as sacred? How do stories in different mediums express visions for the future?

What did you learn from the pastor’s eulogy for Lee Keating? How do eulogies serve as a form of storytelling? In addition to honoring the deceased, how do eulogies reflect the values of a community?