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The Gospel of Eureka: Discussion Guide



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The Gospel of Eureka – The film’s official website.

Walter Burrell interview – Walter Burrell talks about the experience of being in the film.

LGBTQ Rights

“Everything You Need to Know about the Debate Over Transgender People and Bathrooms” – A 2015 TIME magazine overview of the debate over so-called “bathroom bills” that would prevent transgender people from using restrooms that correspond to their gender identities.

Human Rights Campaign – This national advocacy group provides a state-by-state list of the current status of state laws on issues related to LGBTQ rights, as well as updates on federal bills like the Equality Act.

LGBTQ Christians

Queer Grace – An LGBTQ-friendly encyclopedia-style resource of questions and answers related to being and welcoming LGBTQ Christians.

Gay Church – Resources include a search engine to find LGBTQ welcoming churches across the U.S., as well as a collection of articles exploring Bible teachings about homosexuality.

Eureka Springs

Gay Eureka Springs – A travel site describes this unique LGBTQ-friendly town.

Eureka Live Underground – The bar featured in the film.

The Great Passion Play – The official website of the production featured in the film.