Lesson Plan

  • Grades 11-12

Transforming a Culture of Silence: Preventing Sexual Violence and Rape

Film Clips

Clip 1: 1:09:24-1:20:23 (10:59 mins)In this clip, many different individuals provide their perspectives about the events on the night Jane Doe was assaulted in Steubenville, Ohio, and the days immediately following.
Clip 2: 1:43:59 - 1:48:20 (4:21 mins)The digital activist group Anonymous holds a rally in front of the courthouse in support of Jane Doe, and at the rally many women tell their stories of surviving sexual violence.
Clip 3: 2:05:10 - 2:13:41 (8:30 mins)Shawn, a fellow student, and Rachel Dissell, a journalist, use their voices to reveal the truth about what happened to Jane Doe and to reveal a pattern of dangerous behavior on the team that school officials knew about and ignored.
Clip 4: Only for Extended Learning1:39:50 - 1:43:45 (3:55 mins)This clip consists of the video that was posted online and is referred to as the “Nodi Video.”
Clip 5: Only for Extended Learning1:54:06 - 2:01:05 (6:59 mins)Several people, including prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter and defense attorney Walter Madison, frame the crimes within the context of social media. Several of the students who were complicit in the assault also explain their roles that evening.