Each year, POV brings 12-16 new films to public television viewers. Our annual series and year-round specials push the boundaries of nonfiction television with documentaries from emerging and established filmmakers that reflects the range and diversity of American voices — viewpoints that enrich, enlarge, challenge and refine our experience of the world.

If your nonfiction film has a strong perspective and contemporary relevance, then the POV series is the best place for a national television broadcast. If you as a filmmaker are dedicated to quality, have a passion for your topic, and believe the entire country should see your film, POV is for you.

POV films are seen in 97% of the country, making POV documentaries available to the widest audience on television. Thousands see our films in community and educational screenings around the country, and our Web site has millions of engaged visitors each year. We also develop strategic national press, promotional and distribution campaigns to highlight the issues explored in POV films and reach the widest possible audience.

POV is filmmaker-focused, intent on supporting and presenting the work of today's best storytellers. We believe in the power of stories to change minds and hearts, to enlarge our understanding of the world around us. Our goal is to go above and beyond, to surround each film with the most effective and creative tools to ensure a long and active life on television and beyond.

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Left: WELL-FOUNDED FEAR by Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini (POV 2004)