Free Photography Workshop: My Kentucky – Places


Inspired by photographer Wendy Ewald and a new documentary from Appalshop and POV called, Portraits and Dreams, KET is offering Kentuckians a set of workshops with the theme, “My Kentucky.”

In these virtual workshops, you will learn how to see your environments and the people around you in a new way. Discover how incorporating a sense of storytelling into your photographs can elevate your work.

Description: This workshop will include illustrated discussion on the art of photography and using a camera to document our places in the world and tell our own stories. There will be camera-use instruction, including exposure and composition, and suggestions regarding different approaches to subject matter.

Ages: Ages 12+ (with kids under age 18 accompanied by an adult)

Instructor: Guy Mendes

Dates (workshop consists of two parts):

PART A: Sat., Oct. 24, 3-4:30 pm | Instruction, discussion, homework assignments

PART B: Sat., Oct. 31, 3-4:30 pm | Homework critique

After registering, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Questions? Email us at:

These workshops are free, but reservations are required.