Lesson Plan

  • Grades 9-10,
  • Grades 11-12

Student Engagement through Participatory Budgeting

Lesson Details


By the end of this lesson, students will:

  • Analyze community needs and their personal role in addressing those needs
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Participatory Budgeting and its application in local governance and school administration
  • Design a Participatory Budgeting Plan of Action to address an issue at their school


SUBJECT AREAS:Civics, Social Studies, Life Skills, English Language Arts


  • Film clips from Public Money, and equipment on which to show them
  • Teacher Handouts
    • Teacher Handout A: Discussion Activities
  • Student Handouts
    • Student Handout A: What’s the Big Idea
    • Student Handout B: Rapid Feedback
    • Student Handout C: Public Money Discussion Questions
    • Student Handout D: Idea Evaluation
    • Student Handout E: Idea to Action Plan
  • 20 sheets of large chart paper and sticky notes


Two 50-minute class period(s) + Assignment

Preparation:Create and cut-out the “pennies” described in the Teacher Handout A: Discussion Exercises. Hang three large sheets of chart paper around the classroom and label each as follows: OUR CLASS, OUR SCHOOL, FIVE YEARS.

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