Lesson Plan

  • Grades 11-12

Balancing Profits and Paychecks — Rights of Foreign Workers and Responsibilities of Their Employers


Investigate how international sports organizations like FIFA or the International Olympic Committee choose sites for their events. Debate their obligations to ensure safe and fair working conditions for the people hired to construct the venues for their events.

After researching policies developed by existing multinational corporations, develop a human rights policy for your fictional company.

Provide actual numbers to the students and require them to do cost/benefit analyses of various recommendations or practices.

Research how current international trade agreements (such as NAFTA and TPP) will affect workers in Qatar, including their enforcement mechanisms. Research how amendments currently being debated might change whether and how companies can hire migrant workers in Qatar. Write a position paper that makes the case for a proposed amendment to the trade agreement you researched, and send it to your legislator.

Screen the entire film and brainstorm actions that students might want to take in relation to the current World Cup (which is in Russia) or in preparation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.