Eat Your Catfish

  • Feature Film
  • 2023
  • 90 Mins

Paralyzed by late-stage ALS and reliant on round-the-clock care, Kathryn clings to a mordant wit as she yearns to witness her daughter's wedding. Shot from her fixed point of view, Eat Your Catfish delivers a brutally frank and darkly humorous portrait of a family teetering on the brink, grappling with the daily demands of disability and in-home caretaking.

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Film Credits

  • Adam Isenberg Director/Producer
  • Noah Amir Arjomand Director/Producer
  • Senem Tüzen Director/Producer

Critical Acclaim

Co-director Noah Arjomand chronicles his own mother's struggle with the degenerative disease to courageously intimate, brutally moving effect… an unusually unsentimental, everyday document of ALS, tender in the expressly painful manner of a fresh bruise.

Guy Lodge, Variety