For Ahkeem

America ReFramed Season 6
  • Feature Film
  • 2018
  • 91 Mins

Expelled from high school, Daje Shelton is only 17 years old when she is sentenced by a judge – not to prison, but to an alternative school, the Innovative Concept Academy. It offers Daje one last chance to earn a high school diploma. While in school, Daje fights for her future: she struggles with her classes, friends are killed, she falls in love, and gets pregnant. Meantime, the nearby city of Ferguson erupts into violence. Told through intimate verité scenes, For Ahkeem ​is an unvarnished exploration of a complex web of juvenile justice, education, poverty and race in America today.

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Film Credits

  • Landon Van Soest co-director
  • Jeremy S. Levine co-director