In the Rearview

  • Feature Film
  • 2024
  • 90 Mins

In a volunteer aid van occupied by multiple generations of civilians, an authentic, intimate observation of the war in Ukraine unfolds. Each passenger is unique in age, origin and circumstance, but alike in where they find themselves — fleeing their homes while huddled together in a cramped back seat. Bound for Poland, the vehicle operates as their shelter, waiting room, hospital and confessional.

Film Credits

  • Maciek Hamela Director/Producer
  • Piotr Grawender Producer
  • Jean-Marie Gigon Producer
  • Anna Palenchuk Co-Producer
  • Maria Krauss Associate Producer
  • Kseniya Marchenko Associate Producer

Critical Acclaim

In the Rearview isn't a typical documentary about a group of people narrating war events while standing still in a studio as footage of the war plays out. It is instead shot simplistically, showing that even a low-budget project can relay a message with the few tools at its reach. A handheld camera and a group of people who are leaving their home country after experiencing war firsthand are a combination that makes this documentary easy to digest and much more intimate.

Isabella Soares, Collider