Tokyo Uber Blues

  • Feature Film
  • 2024
  • 60 Mins

Shot with a mix of smartphones and GoPros from a first person perspective, filmmaker Taku Aoyagi takes us on his daily bike rides as an Uber Eats worker. But pedaling on Tokyo’s deserted streets, delivering boba tea to cloistered condos, he starts wondering… what was it that Ken Loach said about the Uberization of society? And what does gig-work offer an unemployed person with student debt?

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Film Credits

  • Taku Aoyagi Director
  • Kazuo Osawa Producer

Critical Acclaim

What makes Tokyo Uber Blues special is its realistic approach, but even more so its honesty. Aoyagi does not shy away from the hurdles in the journey he shows... Although some are humorous, as a result of the director's unwillingness to back down from his initial plan, others are quite heart-breaking, especially when you witness the emotional change in this young man, who you really want to succeed and conclude the “quest” he has given himself.

Rouven Linnarz, Asian Movie Pulse