Lesson Plan

  • Grades 9-10,
  • Grades 11-12

Collaborating with History: Re-examining the Past through Research and Reenactment

Film Clips

Film clips provided in this lesson are from Bisbee ‘17. Access the streaming clips for free on POV's website by visiting www.pbs.org/pov/educators. Borrow the full film from our DVD Lending Library by joining the POV Community Network.

Clip 1: The Ray Family | 11:48–14:55 (3:07 minutes) | The Ray family recounts their ancestors’ clashing roles in the Bisbee deportation
Clip 2: Historical Narratives in Conflict | 27:55–35:00 (6:27 minutes) | The Bisbee community contends with conflicting historical narratives about the deportation
Clip 3: Living the History | 1:30:10–1:45:47 (15:37 minutes) | On the 100th anniversary, the Bisbee community reenacts and reexamines the deportation