Press Release

March 14 2019

POV: '306 Hollywood' | Film Update

Film Update

In March 2019, POV asked the 306 Hollywood filmmakers Elan and Jonathan Bogarín what's happened since the cameras stopped rolling.

What was your favorite finding in the excavation?

Our favorite finding was realizing that the great mysteries of life can be found in the most ordinary of places.

How do you think your grandmother would react to this film?

She would have said: "Me a movie star? I don't believe it!"

What inspired this magical realism? How can this form be used in the future?

People have always used myths and magic to talk about life transitions such as birth, death, and coming of age. You can find this approach in cultural forms ranging from art to literature, theater and beyond. We wanted to apply this age-old tradition to nonfiction film because there is no limit to the ways we can speak about reality.

What are you working on now?

We're developing a whole range of projects that tell diverse stories in creative new ways. We believe that diversity is reflected not just in what story is being told but in how we tell it. For more info follow along on Facebook and Instagram @306hollywood or check out our website