Against the Tide

  • Feature Film
  • 2024
  • 90 Mins

Mumbai fishermen Rakesh and Ganesh are inheritors of the great Koli knowledge system—a way to harvest the sea by following the moon and the tides. Rakesh has kept faith in traditional methods while Ganesh has embraced technology. Against the Tide is a tale of deep friendship and rising resentment between two men against the backdrop of an adoring sea, now turning hostile through climate change.

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Film Credits

  • Sarvnik Kaur Director/Producer
  • Koval Bhatia Producer
  • Quentin Laurent Producer

Critical Acclaim

Against the Tide, Sarvnik Kaur’s breathtaking documentary about Indigenous fishermen in Mumbai, India, dispels the myth that cinematic beauty has to do with the power of the camera or the glossiness of the image. Shot by Ashok Meena, the film finds beauty, simply, in perspective... The film avoids easy binaries of tradition and modernity, and instead brings to vivid life the ecosystem that encompasses both Rakesh and Ganesh — one that has been wrecked by corporate greed and climate change.

Devika Girish, The New York Times