Big Enough

  • Feature Film
  • 2005
Meet Mark and Anu Trombino, Karla and John Lizzo, Len and Lenette Sawisch, and Sharon and Ron Roskamp. They lead typical American lives: they have children, pursue successful middle-class careers, and live in the suburbs. If you did business with any of them over the phone, you would probably have no reason to suspect they are anything but typical. If you were to meet them, however, you'd be surprised to find that they are all dwarfs, with the exception of John Lizzo, the tall, rangy fellow who married Karla. And if you thought you recognized any of these "little people," as they call themselves, you probably saw the 1982 Emmy-nominated PBS film Little People. Now, some 20 years later, director/producer Jan Krawitz returns with Big Enough, her "then and now" sequel to the earlier documentary (which she made with Thomas Ott). In Big Enough, Krawitz sets out to find out what happened to spirited 11-year-old Mark, upbeat 16-year-old Karla, newlyweds Ron and Sharon, and one of the country's only angry dwarf comedians, Len. How have the years treated their hopes, expectations, and fears? Just how typical, and how different, have their lives been? And how has their — and the country's — view of dwarfism changed over the last two decades?

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