The Body Politic

  • Feature Film
  • 2024
  • 90 Mins

The Body Politic is a harbinger of hope in a country plagued by gun violence. In Baltimore, Brandon Scott, an idealistic young leader with an ambitious plan to stop chronic violence in the city, is elected mayor. Throughout his first year in office, we follow him as he fights powerful political forces to save lives in Baltimore and reveal a pathway toward healing for the nation. A Co-Production with ITVS. A Co-Presentation with BPM (Black Public Media).

Film Credits

  • Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough Director/Producer
  • Dawne Langford Producer

Critical Acclaim

The Body Politic is another great example of the new generation of politicians, young people who deeply care about their community, doing everything they can to improve it. You have to hope that in the future people like Brandon Scott won’t be a standout, they’ll be the norm.

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