Buried Above Ground

America ReFramed Season 4
  • Feature Film
  • 2016
  • 80 Mins

Meet three Americans who are fighting ongoing battles with PTSD -- Luis, a combat veteran; Erundina, a lifelong survivor of domestic violence who fights addiction issues; and Ashley, a New Orleanian who lived through Hurricane Katrina and returns to confront the aftermath. One powerful narrative plays, whereby the personal becomes polemic.

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Film Credits

  • Ben Selkow Writer, Director, Co-Producer
  • Marc Smolowitz Co-Producer
  • Flavia de Souza Editor
  • James Lester Editor
  • Tim Kvasnosky Music

Critical Acclaim

Powerful. Buried Above Ground will contribute to reshaping the way our society thinks about mental health issues. It will help move viewers and help dispel the myths and misconceptions about PTSD.

Rosalyn Carter, Former First Lady, The Carter Center