Death of a Child

America ReFramed Season 7
  • Feature Film
  • 2019
  • 54 Mins

In Death of a Child, Doug, Lyn, Norman and Antonio recount in disbelief the unimaginable trauma of forgetting their very own children in the car and being responsible for their deaths. Through their honest and deeply personal stories, we get an insight into what it means to live with what they have done. The legal, social and personal aftermaths differ. But overall, this tragedy in particular carries a huge social stigma. Straight talk about responsibility, parenting, stigmatization and shame ultimately lead to forgiveness.

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Film Credits

  • Frida Barkfors Co-Directorpervertpark-frida-barkfors-500x500.jpg
  • Lasse Barkfors Co-Directorpervertpark-lasse-barkfors-500x500.jpg