America ReFramed Season 8
  • Feature Film
  • 2020
  • 57 Mins

Nadia Shihab’s Jaddoland is an intimate portrait of the work and process of the director’s visual artist mother Lahib Jaddo. Jaddoland offers viewers a fresh look at the immigrant story in America. Through an exploration of her mother’s art and connections to her life in Texas, Shihab also drafts a unique picture of how art can help both the creator and the audience make sense of familial and cultural connections, loss, perseverance and life.

Jaddoland is a co-production of the Center for Asian American Media and WORLD

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Film Credits

  • Nadia Shihab Director, Cinematographer, Producer
  • Talal Al-Muhanna Producer

Critical Acclaim

The unusual diaspora film that doesn’t look back but focuses on the present tense, Jaddoland measures distance in arm’s lengths, that intimate yardstick connected to planted feet, and a span that allows a good look at what’s held in hand. In this case, holding Shihab’s hand is her mother Lahib on the plains of Jaddoland, bending their shared arm to create never imagined, unpredictably new angles.

Christina Ree, San Diego Asian Film Festival