America ReFramed Season 4
  • Feature Film
  • 2016
  • 62 Mins

Today, the Inupiaq Eskimo must navigate an uncertain future 80 miles above the Arctic Circle on a fragile barrier island disappearing due to climate change. Kivalina is a quiet but stirring portrait immersing viewers into the rarely seen lives of an Arctic tribe who try to continue to honor their way of life despite the government failing them.

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Film Credits

  • Gina Abatemarco Director, Producer
  • Zoe White Cinematographer
  • Nafav Harel Editor

Critical Acclaim

The quiet, vérité style documentary captures family activities and community rituals like the preparation of caribou meat, a teen dance night in the community center, church services, and public meetings with representatives of the American government and military.

Courtney Sheehan, The Independent