The Mosque in Morgantown

America ReFramed Season 4
  • Feature Film
  • 2016
  • 79 Mins

The Mosque in Morgantown is an observational documentary that follows Asra Normani's early activism and backlash within her W. Virginia mosque, telling a story about competing paths to social change, American identity, and the nature of religion itself. Though not always politically correct, the film reveals a truth that may surprise many Americans.

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Film Credits

  • Brittany Huckabee Director, Producer, Editor
  • Gabriel Goodenough Director of Photography

Critical Acclaim

Huckabee's THE MOSQUE IN MORGANTOWN engages its audience and has the potential to both empower and enrage, depending on one's opinions. Either way, it will prompt an intense dialogue and, hopefully, advance the conversation....

Seema Jilani, M.D., Washington Post, On Faith Blog