Name Me Lawand

  • Feature Film
  • 2024
  • 90 Mins

Lawand, deaf from birth, seeks a fresh start with his family in the UK after a traumatic year in a refugee camp. At Derby's Royal School for the Deaf, he learns sign language and discovers a way to communicate with the world. As he thrives, his family faces deportation, challenging their stability. Name Me Lawand is a love letter to the power of friendship and community.

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Film Credits

  • Edward Lovelace Director/Producer
  • Fleur Nieddu Producer
  • Sam Arnold Producer
  • Beyan Taher Producer
  • Neil Andrews Producer
  • Marisa Clifford Producer

Critical Acclaim

Even without documentary director Edward Lovelace’s inventive approach, this would be a potent and powerful story. But what’s particularly impressive is the way that, through immersive techniques involving sound, and skittish editing that evokes fractured, traumatic memory snippets, the film tries to capture Lawand’s lived experience. It’s a remarkable achievement...

Wendy ide, The Guardian