Only the Young

POV Season 26
  • Feature Film
  • 2013
  • 70 Mins

Only the Young follows three unconventional Christian teenagers coming of age in a small Southern California town. Skateboarders Garrison and Kevin, and Garrison's on-and-off girlfriend, Skye, wrestle with the eternal questions of youth: friendship, true love and the promise of the future. Yet their lives are also touched by the distress signals of contemporary America — foreclosed homes, abandoned businesses and adults in financial trouble. As graduation approaches, these issues become shocking realities. With sun-drenched visuals, lyrical storytelling and a soul-music soundtrack, Only the Young embodies the innocence and candor of its youthful subjects — and of adolescence itself.

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Film Credits

  • Elizabeth Mims onlytheyoung-elizabeth-mims-85x85.jpg
  • Jason Tippet mygalrosemarie-jason-tippet-500x500.jpg