Pervert Park

POV Season 29
  • Feature Film
  • 2016
  • 60 Mins

How can we solve a societal problem if it's too horrifying to discuss? Pervert Park is a film about the people nobody wants as their neighbors. Founded by the mother of a convicted sex offender, Florida Justice Transitions is a trailer park that is home to 120 sex offenders struggling to reintegrate into society. Their crimes range from misdemeanors to unthinkable acts, and they are each fighting different battles and demons. This groundbreaking film challenges us to understand how these men and women got here, and to consider how the destructive cycle of sexual abuse — and the silence surrounding it — can be broken.

Film Credits

  • Frida Barkfors pervertpark-frida-barkfors-500x500.jpg
  • Lasse Barkfors pervertpark-lasse-barkfors-500x500.jpg