Pyne Poynt

America ReFramed Season 7
  • Feature Film
  • 2019
  • 89 Mins

Numbed by despair, the youth of Camden, NJ, one of America’s poorest cities, don’t know who to fear more-- the police or the violent drug dealers. Resident Bryan Morton leads a charge to reclaim Pyne Poynt Park as a safe space for little league teams and the community. Against all odds, Morton rallies an array of stakeholders and transforms Pyne Poynt into a field of dreams, where for two sacred hours, the youth can play freely in the field.

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Film Credits

  • Gabe Dinsmoor Director/ Producer
  • Steve Ercolani Director/ Producer
  • Dan Fipphen Editor/ Producer

Critical Acclaim

I’ve come here to Camden to do something that might have been unthinkable just a few years ago. And that’s to hold you up as a symbol of promise for the nation.

Barack Obama (May 2015)