Radical Grace

America ReFramed Season 5
  • Feature Film
  • 2017
  • 81 Mins

In 2012, The Vatican censured American nuns, putting them under the supervision of conservative bishops. Radical Grace follows sisters Simone Campbell, Chris Schenk, and Jean Hughes, who refused to back down and continued to challenge the patriarchal system. The nuns’ advocacy puts their lives at stake, at a tense time in the Church as a new Pope is being selected. However, they’re willing to lose it all and risk their place within the Catholic Church for their devotion to social justice and to meet their higher calling—to apply their faith to action.

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Film Credits

  • Rebecca Parrish Director
  • Nicole Bernardi-Reis Producer
  • Danny Alpert Producer / Executive Producer
  • Susan Sarandon Executive Producer

Critical Acclaim

The film, at turns entertaining, educational and inspiring, illustrates profoundly how social justice and spirituality are inseparably linked.

Nancy Fornasiero, The Huffington Post