Vision Portraits

America ReFramed Season 8
  • Feature Film
  • 2020
  • 78 Mins

Acclaimed director Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother and The Happy Sad) takes viewers on a personal journey as he ponders how the deterioration of his vision will impact his life and work as a filmmaker. Interviewing blind and low vision artists — a photographer, a dancer and a writer— Evans embarks on a quest to learn how other artists have continued to create art and how their journeys might serve as inspiration for his own.

Vision Portraits is a Stimulus Pictures Production. A co-production of Black Public Media (BPM).

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Film Credits

  • Rodney Evans Director, Producer
  • Rob Wunder Producer
  • Joseph Lovett Executive Producer

Critical Acclaim

Told in four chapters, Vision Portraits is a celebration of the possibilities of art created by a Manhattan photographer (John Dugdale), a Bronx-based dancer (East Texas native Kayla Hamilton), a Canadian writer (Ryan Knighton), and the filmmaker himself, who each experience varying degrees of visual impairment.

Jude Dry,