We Breathe Again

America ReFramed Season 5
  • Feature Film
  • 2017
  • 60 Mins

Suicide - one of the leading causes of death for Alaska Natives. Almost every family has lost brothers, sisters, parents, and children to it. We Breathe Again introduces four Alaska Natives who are trying to break free from histories of trauma and suicide, creating a new, more positive trail for their communities.

“Sometimes the darker days of your childhood have real long lasting effects,” says one survivor. “There’s something about suicide that just tears your heart out.” We Breathe Again is an intimate, authentic portrait of people working to break a cycle of trauma and rebuild their communities’ strength and resilience.

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Film Credits

  • Marsh Chamberlain Director/Producer
  • Evon Peter Producer/Cultural Advisor
  • Enei Begaye Peter Producer
  • Ryan Jacobi Producer/Story Consultant/Editor

Critical Acclaim

Suicide is a tough topic in Alaska... Increasingly, Alaskans are starting to talk about it, to bring the despair out from its quiet, pained darkness and into the light.

Craig Medred, Alaska Dispatch News