Where God Likes to Be

America ReFramed Season 3
  • Feature Film
  • 2015
  • 76 Mins

Where God Likes to Be focuses on three young protagonists full of hope and promise — Andi Running Wolf, Edward Tailfeathers, and Douglas Fitzgerald — following them over the course of a summer that marks a turning point in all of their lives. Each grapples with whether to leave and pursue opportunities far from home, or stay behind with friends and family potentially struggling with limited opportunity and marginalization. Edward is looking for work but doesn’t even get a call back from national stores and fast food chains. Like most youth his age, he plays loud rock music in the garage with friends. In the intimacy of his bedroom, time stands still as he strums his guitar and hums a love song. Andi, who graduated high school with honors, is on her way to the University of Montana in Missoula, taking with her lots of photos of family and friends as well as her favorite poster of Sitting Bull. She is majoring in Native American studies and hopes her roommate is not too messy. Doug loves the outdoors, and is proud to be a true cowboy and an Indian. A young family man, he worries that families today are not teaching their kids about their ancestors and connection to the land which nurtures their identity, as well as their native language and culture. An intimate and rare look at the Blackfeet Indian reservation, Where God Likes to Be looks longingly and lovingly at the place Andi, Edward and Doug call home.

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Film Credits

  • Nicolas Hudak Director
  • Anna Hudak Producer
  • Tobias Wagner Original Score

Critical Acclaim

The film… portrays what it means to be Native American today, breaks down stereotypes and transforms conventional views…

Dillon Kato, Missoulian