Where the Pavement Ends

America ReFramed Season 8
  • Feature Film
  • 2020
  • 87 Mins

Where The Pavement Ends transports viewers to Missouri towns Kinloch and Ferguson, examining the shared histories and deep racial divides affecting both. Through archival audio recordings, photographs and the recollections of residents from what was then all-Black Kinloch and the all-white community of Ferguson, director Gillooly, a Ferguson native, draws parallels between a 1960s dispute over a physical barricade erected between the towns and the 2014 shooting death by police of Michael Brown which brought her town national attention. A haunting and mesmerizing look at the deep and lasting wounds of segregation and racial injustice, Where The Pavement Ends shines a light on the pride and tragedy of Kinloch while also reminding viewers of the countless American neighborhoods, separated by mere blocks, whose residents live worlds apart.

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Film Credits

  • Jane Gillooly Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
  • Aparna Agrawal Producer
  • Khary Saeed Jones Producer, Writer, Editor

Critical Acclaim

Once the history of the location has been established, film probes deeply into perceptions of racial identity; citizens both black and white reflect on the checkered history of the townships. Conflicting ideas of community, white privilege, systemic prejudice, and fear are explored. This meditation leads to a replay of the killing of Michael Brown.

Tim Jackson, artfuse.org