Who I am Not

  • Feature Film
  • 2024
  • 90 Mins

Sharon-Rose Khumalo, a South African beauty queen, faces an identity crisis after discovering she's intersex. Her path crosses with Dimakatso Sebidi, a masculine-presenting intersex activist, as they both navigate a journey marked by society’s stigma and inner struggles. Intertwining raw reality with poetic beauty, Who I am Not captures the heart-wrenching fight for acceptance in a binary world.

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Film Credits

  • Tünde Skovrán Director
  • Andrei Zincă Director
  • Paul Cadieux Co-Producer
  • Patrick Hamm Co-Producer

Critical Acclaim

In documentaries with topics that are so heavy, I get nervous that they won’t make space to see all the good that could be present in their subjects’ lives. They are often so willing to share their painful stories with us, but I want them to feel like they have the opportunity in that same breath to show happiness... Who I Am Not puts a much-needed spotlight on the intersex community. It is a deeply personal look into the lives of two intersex people who, just like the rest of us, are trying to figure out who they are and where they belong in this world.

Shelli Nicole, Autostraddle