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The Gospel of Eureka: Discussion Guide

Discussion Prompt: Wrestling With The Law

A protestor supporting the ordinance to prevent discrimination comments, “What's disappointing to me is how they focused on little girls being molested in the bathrooms. Focusing there is just focusing on a lot of lies and fear.” What do you know about so-called “bathroom bills”? Why have opponents zeroed in on the bathroom accusation to derail calls for the establishment of laws protecting the civil rights of transgender people?

Christy (the CEO of the Passion Play) opposes the anti-discrimination ordinance because he believes that there are “paragraphs hidden in the law that specifically attack the church’s ability to regulate itself.” How would you reconcile legal conflicts in which the right to practice one’s religion comes into conflict with the right not to be a victim of discrimination? How has Christianity been used before in the history of the United States to justify discrimination?

When Keating has a heart attack, a hospital nurse reassures Burrell, “I just want you to know we will respect your rights here and you don't have anything to worry about.” Why do you think she believes that Burrell needs to hear that? What could communities do to make sure that no couple would ever fear that their union wouldn’t be respected?