StoryCorps Shorts

POV Season 23
  • Short Film
  • 2010
Since 2010, POV and StoryCorps have brought over 30 animated shorts to PBS and online audiences. Founded by Dave Isay, StoryCorps records and preserves the voices of everyday people, one conversation at a time. For more information visit The StoryCorps collection is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Film Credits

  • Mike Rauch (2010-2015) storycorps-mike-rauch-85x85.jpg
  • Tim Rauch (2010-2015) storycorps-tim-rauch-85x85.jpg
  • Gina Kamentsky (2015-present) storycorps-gina-kamentsky-85x85.jpg
  • Julie Zammarchi (2015-present) storycorps-julie-zammarchi-85x85.jpg