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Call Her Ganda: Discussion Guide

Discussion Prompt: Imperialism and Law

What did you learn about the military and diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and the Philippines through this film? What stood out to you? What would you change?

How do the official state relations between the U.S. and the Philippines contrast with the interactions between the two countries’ residents—for example, the U.S.-based journalist Meredith Talusan and Jennifer Laude’s family members? How has social media transformed these relations?

In what ways are the power relations between the United States and the Philippines imbalanced?

Pemberton is eventually convicted of homicide. While he is the first U.S. serviceman to be convicted of a crime in the Philippines, his conviction is for the lesser offense of homicide, rather than the original charge brought by the prosecutor—murder. Why do the Laude family members and their supporters feel mixed emotions about this ruling?

The family, lawyers and activists saw the case as an opportunity to set a precedent. Why is the ruling in this case important on an international scale? What kind of precedent would it be setting?

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