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Call Her Ganda: Discussion Guide

Discussion Prompt: Sex Industry

Many of the transgender people in the film work in the sex industry. What kind of barriers might exist to obtaining employment as a transgender person?

At one point in the film, Fontanos says, “Whenever there’s increased military presence in a certain country, it always encourages the selling of bodies for sexual services, in particular the exploitation of women, girls and female-identified.” How might these relationships impact the lives of both transgender sex workers and U.S. servicemen?

Some of the interviewees in the film hide their identities by covering their faces or turning their backs to the camera. Some of these interviewees are trans women and/or involved in sex work. Why do you think they have chosen to remain anonymous?

In some countries, sex work is legal for adults and regulated by the government. Do you agree with sex work legalization or decriminalization? Why or why not? Consider how cultural attitudes around gender and sexual morality may influence your opinion.

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