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Call Her Ganda: Discussion Guide

Taking Action

If the group is having trouble generating ideas for next steps, these suggestions can help get things started:

— Work with local LGBTQ groups to learn more about the experiences of transgender people in your community. Provide support through volunteering, and build personal relationships with members of this community.

— Host teach-ins to discuss violence against the transgender community and women, including its relationship to militarism and misogyny.

— Learn about systems of safety that exist for the transgender community and for sex workers. If no such systems exist in your community, align with allies to organize systems to protect this targeted group.

— Facilitate the creation of spaces and/or groups where cis and transgender people can engage in dialogue and where transgender people can share their experiences of being transgender as a learning opportunity for the cis community. Be mindful not to tokenize a minority, and co-organize such an event with leaders in the transgender community.

— Create story circles where people can feel safe sharing experiences of gender and sexuality.

— Learn more about U.S. imperialism and colonial history through a nearby history museum or books on the Delve Deeper Reading List for the film.

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