Reversing the Mississippi

America ReFramed Season 4
  • Feature Film
  • 2016
  • 55 Mins

In Missouri, social innovator Marcin Jakubowski’s Global Village Construction Set provides free blueprints to fabricate everything needed for a self-sustaining village. In New Orleans, Nat Turner teaches kids how to work the land, but has limited resources and broken equipment. If these two men meet might they be able to make real change?

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Film Credits

  • Ian Midgley Director/ Producer
  • Christina Heller Executive Producer
  • D.J. Turner Producer
  • Siku Thompson Producer
  • Drew Barnett-Hamilton Producer

Critical Acclaim

Midgley’s new film... tells the story of two men—scientist-inventor Marcin Jakubowski and teacher Nat Turner—united by a passion for expanding access to economic opportunity.

Anna Bergren Miller, Shareable