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Inventing Tomorrow: Discussion Guide

Additional Resources

Science Magazine: Article discussing the importance of Science mentorships.

PBS in the Classroom: Helping High Schoolers Find Research and STEM Field Opportunities

Stay tuned for the Inventing Tomorrow mentorship network!

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF): The Society for Science and the Public is the world’s largest international high-school science competition and is the science fair of all science fairs.

This resource of the Society for Science and the Public shares 10 TED Talks by student alumni, covering everything from how to get to Mars to how to build an affordable water filter.

Watch a TED Talk by Beau Lotto and Amy O’Toole, “Science is for Everyone, Even Kids”

Science News for Students: This comprehensive website covers all things science including articles and ideas by students from Intel ISEF competitions.

Society for Science and the Public: This website allows you to research ISEF projects. Type the last name of the finalist to see their project abstract and what they have won (e.g., “Pingali” for Sahithi Pingali’s info).

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

Science’s Next Frontier: It’s Civic Engagement