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Inventing Tomorrow: Discussion Guide

Taking Action

Today, millions of students worldwide compete each year in local and school-sponsored science fairs; the winners of these events go on to participate in international science competitions around the world. Inventing Tomorrow shows how education, specifically STEM education, offers youth the opportunity to make global change and have a positive impact on the world.

Think about your own community and the environmental issues that impact your life. Share these questions as a step to generate ideas and begin the process of inspiring experimentation and design.

● What is the issue that you are most interested in, and why?

● What can you do to make a difference in your community to reduce environmental damage?

● What environmental problems are specific to your community?

● What environmental problems are more global in reach?

● What kind of data could you collect that would be helpful in solving the environmental issue you identified?

● What technology would you invent to solve an urgent environmental problem?

● Who might you collaborate with to find your solution?

● How would you convince people of the importance of solving the problem you identified?

Register to Vote. According to the Environmental Voter Project, over 15 million registered voters who care about environmental issues don’t make it to the polls.

Learn more about The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), a program for Science & the Public (the Society) is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition