Discusson Guide

Inventing Tomorrow: Discussion Guide

Discussion Prompts: The Environment and the Economy

Nuha Anfaresi, age 16, from Bangka, Indonesia

“The waste from the mining poisons the water with lead. The fish, coral, and plankton are all dying. But we can’t stop tin mining in Bangka because the world needs more and more tin. It’s in all of our electronics. So we have to find a way to reduce the lead in mining waste. We’re tin consumers too. We hope to find our solution with science. . . . Nature is precious and we want to restore it.”

(After ISEF) “When I discussed it [her filter] with the judges, they said it is better to stay with this simple prototype first. The judges like my posters, but they said in your presentation you have to explain that your invention can be applied around the world.”

Jesús Alfornso Martínez Aranda, age 17, Monterrey, Mexico
“If we can’t stop industrial activity, at least we can come up with ways to help the environment.”

Discussion Prompts:

● How do we find a balance between commercial needs and the environment?

● What are other ideas that come to mind that could help solve the problem of tin mining and degradation of the ocean surrounding Nuha’s home?

● What larger ideas about science and invention are illustrated in Nuha’s reflection upon her return home to Bangka?