Discusson Guide

Inventing Tomorrow: Discussion Guide

General Discussion Questions

Immediately after the film, people will be feeling a range of emotions. Take a moment for people to collect their thoughts and emotions. You may want to pose several general questions such as:

  • Did you find these stories inspiring? Why or why not?
  • Did you find these stories challenging or difficult? How?

After audiences have had the opportunity to begin a discussion you may consider these questions to continue the conversation:

  • In Inventing Tomorrow we meet students from India, Indonesia, Hawaii, and Mexico. What do you know about environmental issues facing these places?
  • How can science, engineering and art inform environmental protection and climate justice?
  • What were the different obstacles the students faced when working on their research or presenting at ISEF?
  • What project was most compelling to you? Why?
  • What are some similarities between the different projects?
  • What cultural issues did the teams experience?
  • How are the communities of each student similar? Different?
  • Why were the students inspired to start a science project?