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Inventing Tomorrow: Discussion Guide

Using this Guide

This guide is an invitation to continue the inspiring work of the students featured in Inventing Tomorrow within your local community. Each student’s pathway to the ISEF international science fair competition offers an opportunity to pause, reflect, and engage in community dialogue on one of the most pressing issues of our time - climate change - and its far-reaching effects on current and future generations.

Climate change can be a polarizing topic within some communities, as the consequences of a warming planet are not only environmental, but political as well, and they affect local economies and individual livelihoods. As such, it is important to use evidence-based science and policy when discussing the climate and climate change.

For this reason, the content within this discussion guide and the discussion prompts aim to expand understanding and identify local environmental issues in your community and engage students and adults alike in conversations and effective action towards climate justice. Recommendations for taking action and additional resources for learning more are included at the end of this guide.

The Discussion Guide includes:

Background materials on the student scientists and their mentors

General discussion questions and prompts to engage in thoughtful and informed conversations prior to and following the film

Resources to inform and inspire communities to engage and support scientific ingenuity, encourage innovation, and promote environmental stewardship.

Watching INVENTING TOMORROW supports and prepares:

Communities actively engaged in sustainability efforts and addressing climate change

Educators seeking to enrich STEM and STEAM classes, environment and sustainability curricula, and global affairs and current events programs through the use of documentary film and storytelling, and

Students looking to understand the importance and power of science and recognizing that youth environmental stewardship and involvement in science, technology, and engineering is critical to building a better world.

Visit the film website at www.InventingTomorrowMovie.com.